One Chart That Says It All

Posted by Maica Pichler on June 11, 2014 at 12:00 PM

As of November 2014, Redeeming America's Promise is now named the Campaign for Free College Tuition. American Promise scholarships are now known as National Promise scholarships.

Since 1980, the cost of attending college in the United States has risen almost 600% after adjusting for inflation, which rose 160% in the same time period. By comparison, the cost of medical care rose by only 241% in the same three decades.



As intolerable as this increase in the price of post-secondary education is, it is even more indefensible when you realize that incomes barely budged for the average American family during this time. Outside of the top 5% of family incomes, the incredible rise in the cost of college had to be absorbed by families whose income rose by at most 20% over thirty years. No wonder the cost to the country has been an explosion in student debt, which has now topped $1 trillion mark and is the single greatest source of household debt in the entire nation.

Our country is on an unsustainable path when it comes to financing and controlling the cost of higher education. We need to put in place a new policy that simultaneously provide middle and lower income families the money they need to pay for their student’s education as well as begins to bend back the ever rising cost curve of college tuition.  

Our plan to create federally funded American Promise Scholarships, convert student loans to an income based repayment process, and reward service to community or country with partial loan write offs is the only credible plan out there to fully address this crisis in higher education in a fiscally responsible manner. Please review and endorse our plan today to put an end to the skyrocketing burden of a college education once and for all.


We can't do this alone!

Our goal is to make higher education a possibility for every American, without regard to their financial circumstances.

We have a lot to do and not much time to do it, so your support is critical for our campaign to succeed. It’s with your investment that we can fundamentally reform how higher education is financed in this country, opening the doors to a more equitable society.

If you agree with our goal, our plan, and the urgency of the problem, we ask that you give what you can to help us write the next chapter in our nation’s history of continuously expanding access to universal, free education.

The Campaign for Free College Tuition is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in the State of Washington in 2014 to educate parents, students, the higher education community, policy makers and taxpayers about efforts needed to fundamentally reform our nation’s system for financing higher education. This website and CFCT’s educational outreach activities are made possible through generous individual and foundation support.