State Actions: Change Funding Formulas

Create incentives for states to do their part to make college affordable by changing funding formulas, controlling costs, and overhauling the delivery of remedial education.

  • Tuition levels for in-state residents should be tied to median family income or GDP per capita in that state, linking in state tuition to what the average family can afford. 
  • States should set price of tuition based on what it ought to cost, rather than actual or average costs per student, to push back against cost plus inflationary pressures.
  • States should overhaul their existing delivery systems for remedial education and to the greatest extent possible invest resources at the high school level in the form of early student interventions that ultimately avoid payments for remedial education courses at the college level.
  • Revenue increases from more students paying more regulated tuition fees would help pay for these programs as would efficiencies from revised remedial education system.
  • States should also use rising revenue from a growing economy to pay for any additional costs.  

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