Public Colleges & Universities should be tuition free.

Our Momentum


As of today, over half of the states on our momentum map are green! This unprecedented level of activity makes it clear that free college is gaining strong momentum as a smart bipartisan policy and that states will continue to play an important role in eliminating cost as a barrier to attaining postsecondary education.

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Statewide promise program enacted
Some state legislative activity
Extensive scholarship programs in place
No promise programs planned or in place

How To Turn Your State Green  


Briefing Book

The Campaign for Free College Tuition is happy to provide you with Making Public Colleges Tuition Free: A Briefing Book for State Leaders.

We have designed the briefing book to help state policymakers think through the elements of making college tuition free. Accordingly, it contains advice on funding, building support, drafting policy, and many proven examples of successful programs. Throughout the briefing book CFCT outlines different provisions we believe will produce a return on a state’s investment, which more than justify the establishment of such programs.

This document, however, does not suggest there is only one path states must follow to make their colleges tuition free.

You Won! Now What? Tool Kit

You Won! Now What? is a tool kit is designed by The Campaign for Free College Tuition, and Rise, Inc. to help legislators and executive branch officials begin 2019 with a thorough and actionable strategy for building or expanding a free college tuition program in their state.

Often, governance is framed as a tradeoff between doing politically expedient things and “doing the right thing.” The good news is that elected officials working on free college tuition do not have to choose.

In the tool kit, you will find a framework and resources for setting the agenda and building an advocacy program that will deliver real results. Additionally, you will find tactics for overcoming obstacles that may arise along with suggestions that will make your free tuition program sustainable.

About the Campaign

The Campaign for Free College Tuition (CFCT) is a non-profit bi-partisan coalition of individuals and groups who believe today’s economy requires the country to make higher education affordable for everyone if we are going to have a workforce with the skills needed for us to compete in the global marketplace. Established as a 501c3 non-profit in 2014, CFCT has been at the forefront of the free college tuition movement since its inception.

But our work has just begun. We need your help to make free college tuition a reality for you and your family. It can be done. It should be done. And with your help, it will be done.


Promise Programs

Promise Programs

Promise Programs are place-based scholarship programs that make college tuition free for at least one college. While all require residency and a high school diploma, some have additional eligibility criteria – such as a minimum GPA.

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Policy Resource Center

Policy Resource Center

The Policy Research Center features research on state and community initiatives to address the problem of college affordability. Strategies that help students enroll and succeed in college are highlighted under Summits on College Affordability.

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We can't do this alone!

Our goal is to make higher education a possibility for every American, without regard to their financial circumstances.

We have a lot to do and not much time to do it, so your support is critical for our campaign to succeed. It’s with your investment that we can fundamentally reform how higher education is financed in this country, opening the doors to a more equitable society.

If you agree with our goal, our plan, and the urgency of the problem, we ask that you give what you can to help us write the next chapter in our nation’s history of continuously expanding access to universal, free education.

The Campaign for Free College Tuition is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in the State of Washington in 2014 to educate parents, students, the higher education community, policy makers and taxpayers about efforts needed to fundamentally reform our nation’s system for financing higher education. This website and CFCT’s educational outreach activities are made possible through generous individual and foundation support.